Recurring Positions

Exec/Administrative Assistant

Military contractors who specialize in consultation for the armed forces, local SWAT teams, medical personnel, and government offices/agencies throughout the Hampton Roads area. An administrative assistant position requires working in MS Word and Excel preparing proposals, letters and reports. Applicants must have strong skills in both Word and Excel applications as well as working knowledge of Outlook. Typing and alpha-numeric data entry skills at 50 wpm. The work hours are typically 8-5 Monday to Friday. The dress code is professional business casual. Companies review resumes and notify us of whom and when they want to interview.

Support Specialist

Local corporation managing the administrative and accounting functions of diverse organizations needs administrative assistant to provide support for member activities, programs, and services as well as assist in product presentation, classes, events and special projects. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who loves to stay busy and can handle a wide variety of responsibilities – too numerous to list. The right applicant will have strong skills in MS Word, Excel and Outlook. The hours are typically 8-5 Monday – Friday with an hour for lunch. The company will review resumes and notify of us of whom and when they want to interview.

Ship Repair Secretary

Must have strong typing (50+ wpm), data entry (8,000+ KPH), MS Word, Excel, Outlook and often Access capabilities. This person manages the paperwork between the ship’s personnel and the shipyards’ administrative and accounting offices regarding the overhaul and repair on commercial, Navy and MSC ships. These positions require U.S. Citizenship and lots of walking. The day may start as early as 6: 00 AM and may end at 5:00 PM with the potential for overtime. The earlier you start the day, the earlier you get off.



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2 responses to “Recurring Positions

  1. I am attempting to apply for a position in Portsmouth. The Admin for Trucking Co. I really would like to get this job.

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